Terms of Service

Effective as of March 30th, 2015
Previous Terms of Service can be found here.
Contact: anyarhueing@gmail.com

By commissioning Anya Rose Hueing, otherwise known as "Chinny" or "CZGoldEdition", and henceforth referred to in these terms as "the Artist", you acknowledge you have read and agreed to these terms. The person paying the Artist to create a visual work is known as "the Commissioner". The Artist knows that it sounds stuffy and lofty writing this sort of thing and speaking in the third person, but these terms are meant to protect both the Commissioner and the Artist.

Pricing and Payment
Price will be given in the form of an hourly quote upon negotiation of a particular commission. My current base price is $30 USD per hour, so a piece that takes two hours is $60 USD, three hours is $90 USD, and so on. Once a quote is given and the commission paid for by the Commissioner, the price is locked and cannot be negotiated.

It is the Artist's responsibility to give accurate quotes, and the Artist will do the work promised even if the time to complete that work goes over the hourly quote, without further cost to the Commissioner. The exceptions to this are: 1. The Artist clearly states up front that she cannot provide a concrete quote for a particular project, and the Commissioner agrees to pay hours for the Artist to work and add additional payment as necessary. This will usually NOT be the case, except perhaps with exceptionally large-scope paintings, comics, storyboards, and animation. 2. The Artist offers some fixed price outside of the hourly model. This also functions as a non-neogiatable quote once the Commissioner has accepted and paid the price, and the Artist is obligated to finish the agreed upon work without further cost to the Commissioner.

Price may be quoted at a higher hourly rate if the Artist does not retain all image reproduction rights. Refer to the section "Image Rights and Reproduction" for more information. A rush fee may also be quoted when the Artist is asked to meet a deadline less than two weeks away. Refer to the section "Completion Time" for more information.

Payment via Paypal is preferred, but the Commissioner may mail a physical check or seek another alternate method of payment if agreed upon with the Artist.

Once work has begun on a commission, unless the Artist fails to meet a deadline explicitly agreed upon up front (in which case refer to the section on "Completion Time"), the Commissioner may not receive a refund. Any time prior to work beginning on a commission, the Commissioner may request and receive a full refund. Work is defined as any physical time spent on the artwork by the Artist, including a preliminary sketch.

For full color commissions, the Artist will present the commissioner with a preliminary sketch prior to finishing the artwork. The commissioner is limited to requesting one (1) major adjustment of the image. A major adjustment is defined as changing the pose, physique, composition, or other large aspect of the image. If the Artist does not achieve the image the commissioner desires after the first major adjustment, the fault lies with the commissioner for failing to adequately describe their request. Additional major adjustments can be requested but will cost the commissioner additional payment to the Artist for addtional time spent beyond the quoted hourly total. The Artist offers multiple minor adjustments within reason at no additional charge, but the Artist reserves ultimate jurisdiction on what qualifies as within reason, and what constitutes a major verses minor adjustment.

Completion Time
Artwork will be completed as efficiently as possible within the Artist's working hours. The Artist will work to meet a particular deadline only if informed of the deadline up front during the commission quote process. The Commissioner may otherwise inquire when the Artist thinks a piece will be done, but any casual estimate cannot be considered a guaranteed deadline. If a specific deadline is desired within less than two weeks of the Commissioner and the Artist discussing the quote, the artist may charge a rush fee. If the Artist fails to meet a deadline explicitly agreed upon up front, half the commission cost along with any rush fee charged will be refunded, and the work will be completed as close to the original deadline as possible. Again, this does not apply to casual time estimates, or anything other than very specifically agreed upon deadlines during the quote and payment process.

The Artist may live stream (live online broadcast of the artwork being made, currently hosted through Tigerdile) the commission unless rights for the artwork to remain private are specifically negiotiated by the Commissioner at the beginning of the commission process. The Artist is not, however, obligated to live stream the work, nor is watching the work being streamed live a service that is being paid for by the Commissioner. The Artist will chose when and when not to stream entirely of her own violition. Commissioned artwork will not necessarily be streamed unless offered or otherwise specified by the Artist.

Adult Artwork
Commissions of an explicitly pornographic nature are not available unless the Artist otherwise offers to create such an image. Artistic nudes and pinups/artwork of a suggestive nature are usually fine, but the Artist reserves the right to refuse any artwork commission for any reason.

Image Rights and Reproduction
The Artist retains all rights to the image/artwork created and reserves the right to post the artwork online, as well as to print, advertise with, or otherwise publish the image/artwork. The Artist reserves the right to print copies of the image/artwork and sell these prints and/or any other reproductions of the image/artwork, unless otherwise neogiated with the Commissioner. If the Commissioner wishes to buy any of these rights, the Commissioner must specifically request them and the Artist must agree to sell them. Commissions where the Commissioner acquires some or all of these rights will typically be more expensive than the base hourly rate, and will be set at the Artist's discretion.

The Commissioner may print the commissioned image/artwork for personal use, but may not print the image/artwork to sell or for any other monetary gain, unless specifically agreed upon with the Artist.



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