Hello! Welcome to the price guide for commissioning work from Anya "Chinny" Hueing
aka "CZGoldEdition" on FurAffinity, Weasyl, Twitter, and Picarto.


My pricing is simple: I charge $30 per hour for most artistic services rendered.
Examples of currently available commission types can be found below. Click to enlarge.

Email anyarhueing@gmail.com with any inquiries.


Potrait commissions range from 2-4 hours, depending on subject and detail level ($60-120).


Telegram sticker commissions are $20 per headshot/chibi and $25 per waist up.

4 Hour Speedypaint

Fixed 4 hour, single character speedpaintings ($120).
Shorter speedpaints only available when offered.


Watercolor paintings are $60 per bust and $120 per full body, per character.
+ $10 shipping US, $20 shipping international.

Full Detail Painting

Full rendered and worked up paintings, 7 hours ($210) and up. Quotes based on complexity.
Averages 6-8 hours per full body character.



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