Hello! Welcome to the price guide for commissioning work from Anya "Chinny" Hueing
aka "CZGoldEdition" on various social media and gallery platforms.


Examples of commission types can be found below. Click to enlarge. Prices are for personal use and include 21% VAT. Purchasing copyright/exclusive usage rights is possible for an additional fee.
To request a commission, email anyarhueing@gmail.com with any inquiries.

Square Portraits for Icons & DnD Tokens

Painted face portraits at 4k pixels square.
120 USD per each

Full Portraits

Painted shoulders-up 'photo style' portrait with printing in mind: pet portraits, fantasy or sci fi themed portraits of people, characters.
160 USD per subject/character


Painted subject/character from mid-torso up for humanoids and anthros, half body for quadrapeds.
210 USD per subject/character

Full Illustrations

Painted subject/character full torso to full body, price varies based on complexity.
Starting at 300 USD per subject/character

Traditional Media

Physical media. Price varies by size, complexity, and medium; watercolor, coffee, acrylic, and/or ink are possible mediums.
Starting at 280 USD + Shipping

Concept Art Sheets

Concepts for characters, game levels, or game assets. Price varies by complexity of requirements.
Starting at 500 USD per page


Have anything else in mind? Unsure what category your idea fits into?
Contact me to work out details!


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