Anya Rose Hueing is a jack-of-all-trades artist who manages her fellow developers while building levels and painting fantastical places and lifeforms. She has thrived as a freelance illustrator and animator since 2011 and has been active in the games industry since 2019 as a Producer and Artist on Second Star. A student of nature and fiction, she can also be found caring for her noodledog, cats, and various plants, drawing monsters and animal people, drumming, playing board games, writing, and hanging out with trees. She’s also very fond of robots, accordions, and mountains, and was named after an alien from a Star Trek episode.
Second Star 2019 - Present • Producer & Artist
  • Paint mood and aesthetic concepts and draw orthographic reference art
  • Build levels in Unity including blockmeshing, terrain sculpting, texture painting, colliders and hotspots
  • Lead organization of weekly sprint tasks for our team, create gantt charts, milestone and progress documents, and facilitate communication between departments
  • Run level design meetings and draw clear level maps to convey design intentions to the writers and programmers
  • Convey environmental storytelling with asset placement, lighting, and particle effects
  • Sculpt high poly of landscape features in Blender
  • Animate cutscenes, player movement, and interactions in Unity
  • Write dialogue and branching talks for ANAVI, the ship’s navigational AI
  • Create UI assets such as inventory and map icons; cleanup and slice UI elements for implementation
  • Draft technical design documents on level navigation specs, puzzles, and mechanics
  • Edit promotional materials such as story and teaser trailers, posters, and banners
Freelance Artist 2011 - Present • Artist
  • Create custom illustrations and animations for private clients
    • Paintings
    • Character design references
    • Comic pages
    • Book covers
    • Product design
    • Promotional materials
  • Stream artwork creation to receive live feedback and interact with an audience
  • Maintain an inventory of prints and knick-knacks for sale at convention events
  • Manage and promote freelance business
Kaman’s Art Shoppes 2005 - 2006 • Portrait Artist
  • Drew guests from life within a specified style and time constraint
  • Concept Art
  • Character and Environment Illustration
  • Communication and Collaborative Organization
  • Agile Methodology
  • Storyboarding and Sequential Art
  • Grayboxing / Blockmeshing
  • Sculpting
  • Drawing and Inking
  • Digital and Traditional Painting
  • 2D, 3D, and Stop Motion Animation
  • Video and Sound Editing
  • Prose, Script, and Tech Writing
  • QA Testing and Bug Tracking
  • Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Animate, Illustrator, XD, and Dreamweaver
  • Unity, Unity ProBuilder, Unity Adventure Creator
  • Paint Tool SAI
  • Blender
  • 3D Studio Max
  • SketchUp
  • TVPaint
  • Final Cut Pro and ProTools
  • Sony ACID Pro, Propellerhead Reason, Audacity
  • Google Docs
  • Git, ClickUp, Asana, JIRA
  • OpenOffice Suite
Maryland Institute College of Art B.F.A Graduate
Magna Cum Laude, Class of 2011
Baltimore, MD
  • Major in Experimental Animation
  • Minor in Creative Writing
  • Concentration in Video
John Hopkins University Intro to Video Game Design, Spring 2009 Baltimore, MD
Fachhochschule Schwäbisch Hall Study Abroad Program, Spring/Summer 2010 Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
Career Goals
The act of storytelling has long impressed me with its power - the power to provoke empathy, incite change, explore the self, and provide an escape. Over the course of my life I learned a great deal from film, comics, games, and books. I desire to give back to others for all the adventures that helped shape and support me, and find it fulfilling to work with creative, collaborative teams bringing new universes to life.